How does a remote support visit work?

Our website is:

Easy steps for help by GrASP over the internet;

  1. Talk with Alan over the phone or use our Enquiry Help Form to get support.
  2. Click HERE to download our remote help tool onto the Microsoft Windows computer to be fixed and open/run it. No permanent installation is required, the tool uses secure encryption for safety.

Microsoft Certified Professional

We help you easily & efficiently;
  • Alan (M.C.P) will visit virtually over the internet controlling your computer exactly as on a physical visit, diagnosing computing issues before your eyes by sharing your screen. Watch and chat too if and as you wish without pressure.
  • We confirm our proposed plan & expected duration then following your approval, perform your  remote visit service.
  • GrASP email an itemized remote service log & invoice on completion, pay with PayPal BACS or cheque.
  • Enjoy results then spread the word about GrASP to help friends with your review.

you turn it ON when you want our help otherwise it’s OFF, other remote services and tools simply lack this important feature.

  • Covid safe with zero physical contact.  Get help now or at requested date and time.
  • An estimate and plan upfront before any costs, nothing hidden, VAT included.
  • Our “remote tool” uses unique passworded & encrypted security for a 100% private connection.
  • No unplugging, moving or re-plugging of equipment is needed , no fuel costs.
  • Keep the tool for quick access to future remote support as required or delete to remove it.
  • See completed fixes in place and shown prior to being invoiced.
  • You control our help tool – ON/OFF or DELETE as wished,  respecting your choice & privacy.
  • Work is always completed as quickly as possible, time is cost and within an hours the goal.
  • Serious hardware faults require a physical low cost on-site visit or a drop off, that is above the ability of remote support. The free consultation highlights serious hardware issues avoiding a remote visit.
  • We enjoy remote support greatly but onsite visits the most, yet the pandemic disables that for now.

Our optional “always on” remote help tool is also downloadable here – GrASP_host