Scam? Fake? Con? Malware? Help!

There is an elephant in the room these days when trusting remote support services.

When I created “GrASP Computing” back in 2002, remote support was well respected as a life saver for many. Recently it’s reputation has been tainted by the stigma of criminals who use remote tools wrongly, for bad.

Thanks to existing customers who’s word of mouth referrals are GrASP’s saviour but it remains difficult to convey trustworthiness to new customers via just a web page alone.

I prefer to simply talk with you and help then you can then decide once a little faith has been rewarded well by clear expert guidance.


If you have been effected by computer criminals I can clean and secure your computer & accounts by working with you confidentially to change passwords etc in a way that I don’t even see them.

Pre-pandemic I visited my many customers in person, I’m now safely helping remotely or via drop off.

Alan’s advice:

Never believe a stranger who contacts you wanting remote computer access. The following companies never remote anyone – Amazon, Microsoft, BBC, Tax Office, NHS, your Bank.

If you get an automated phone call from a robot just ignore it and after a few attempts it will stop. It’s always a lazy scammer on the hunt for victims and never real in my experience.