Tune up & repair (Drop-off)

Please drop off your computer here to be diagnosed then we contact you to agree a repair plan.

Migration – old to new computer service also available.

The opportunity to upgrade your hard drive to Solid State, which is makes yor computer 10x faster than standard, also exists.

Contact us 1st because often our advice fixes many problems instantly for free.

Once it is repaired and has been thoroughly tested we will call to arrange safe pick up.

Your service includes the following;

  • Removal of: Trojan / Spyware / Cookies / Malware / Virus and Registry faults.
  • Run performance tests to highlight problem areas.
  • Update system components including drivers.
  • Optimize resource usage to make system faster.
  • Highlight and cure security & system weaknesses.
  • Find outdated software and apply updates when available.
  • Hardware installed and configured as required or requested.

All work performed by an M.C.P. Engineer.

Microsoft Certified Professional