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Migration – old to new computer

Your settings and data can be copied over to your new computer with a visit remotely or on-site. Remotely – networked: Documents, pictures, music, settings and programs are transferred over your router by networking old and new computer together over Wi-Fi or Ethernet which we can set up. Remotely – USB storage: Documents, pictures, music, …

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How are you Covid-19 safe?

Physical contact is zero for our remote support visit Contact is outdoors and 3 meters minimally for drop offs. Read our Covid Response Remote support service is 100% Covid safe.

Scam? Fake? Con? Malware?

There is an elephant in the room these days when trusting remote support services. When I created “GrASP Computing” back in 2002, remote support was well respected as a life saver for many. Recently it’s reputation has been tainted by the stigma of criminals who use remote tools wrongly, for bad. Thanks to existing customers …

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Welcome to GrASP Onsite & Remote Computing.

We’d be nothing without you so please allow us to maximize your computing life. Explore the site and you may find the service that will help you. GrASP is defined asĀ  ‘understanding of the nature, meaning, quality or magnitude of something”. After achieving solid knowledge and experience in computing and teaching I.T. over the years, …

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