About GrASP

Profile: Sole trader business established Jan 2002, based in Melton Leicester. 1 employee with 20+ years of I.T. experience.
Qualifications: Microsoft Certified in Windows O.S. and BTEC National Diploma in business, hardware and software.
The history of GrASP Computing
Alan – Engineer/Technician & Consultant: founder of GrASP Computing, Leicester.

Completing education in 1988 I decided to enter “the exciting new world of computing.
I enrolled in a full time “City & Guilds” two year course at Leicester’s Information Technology Centre (ITEC), year one was to be computing and the second year was for electronics.

After qualifying with distinctions in year one I discovered that I’m colour blind so learning electronics was no longer an option. I quickly upgraded year two’s course to “Advanced Computing and Business Studies” and helped to tutor the new students.

Qualifications gained from the courses soon attracted the interest of a local building contractors. They employed me to teach computing and support (repair/upgrade/purchase) their growing collection of computer equipment.

I developed a logical and down to earth approach to teaching because using technical computer jargon in a room full of brick layers and architects doesn’t impress them very much.

Years passed and different computer related positions where filled by yours truly, each position providing valuable experience and qualifications.

Microsoft Certified Professional
The birth of GrASP – January 2002
After completing a 3 year contract with England’s largest computer help desk I found my spirits to be low. I was uncomfortable with charging customers £1 per minute on the phone for hardware and software support.
I took a 6 month holiday to Australia which was brilliant and shortly after returning to England I started “GrASP Computing” as a hobby.  In July 1994 I fortunately met my lovely wife Laura. We married on 31st July 2004 after our massive 10 year engagement.  The responsibilities of life and marriage quickly required more income as often happens.

My business attained a healthy reputation with word of mouth referrals keeping me busy enough to expand the GrASP computing idea further as my full time job.

Having come a long way since the early days, the initial idea of GrASP remains unchanged,

“To provide the best value service at the highest of standards”.
A simple idea yes but an idea which attracts business and keeps my customers very happy.